Corporate Coaching

Providing a range of services including, career and transition coaching;  in addition to workshops on team development, client understanding and connection.

At the heart of connection are the needs and personality of the client. These workshops provide a simple effective toolkit to assist you in understanding how your client may interpret or approach your products and services. Participants learn how to use the basics of face mapping and body language to understand the personality of the client. These customised, fun, interactive workshops deliver a real capability enhancement for your staff and are complemented with workbooks and resources for future reference and development.

Face mapping workshops provide a fresh, fun and innovative way to build your teams. It will provide insights and awareness for the individual and their team members. The workshops highlight the importance of a team’s diversity and how this can lead to greater productivity and innovation. Participants come away with a greater appreciation of themselves and those around them, ready to work together.

Utilising over 20 years of corporate HR experience, we provide customised outplacement services for organisations. These services treat every employee as unique and important with a holistic approach to their transition from your business. Our programs are designed to cater for the workforce or for the individual who has found themselves looking for their next career.

Our popular programs include:

  • Moving Forward to a New Career
  • Career Review – Highlighting Achievements
  • Face Analysis – A Unique Profiling Tool
  • Resume Review and Development
  • Interview Coaching
  • Practical Interview Skills
  • Emotional Support
  • Techniques – Coping with Change and Anxiety

Individual Coaching

Tailored coaching catering for all aspects of life in particular career development; supported by specialised consultations in face analysis and career design.

Our careers take up the majority of our lives and therefore we need to ensure they are aligned with our life purpose and values. The purpose of career design is to find this alignment. Whether you are starting out on your career, looking for your next advancement or after a complete career change we can help you understand and plan towards what you are seeking.

Our unique approach helps you discover your strengths and opportunities to realise your ultimate potential. We take a holistic approach to career designing, utilising 20 years of corporate HR experience combined with unique profiling tools and job seeking strategies. We recognise the enormous anxiety associated around career decisions and changes and therefore offer emotional support strategies as part of our service.

Self-awareness and a deep understanding of yourself and others are essential in relationships and self-development. Face mapping provides you with an informative reflection of your true self and insights into others.

Face mapping or physiognomy is a natural science that has been practised for centuries. Physiognomy is the art of analysing facial features of a person to develop an understanding of their personality, thinking style, behaviour, stress levels, health issues and so much more.

An analysis of your face provides deeper understanding of your psyche and those of others, leading to more compassionate and constructive interactions.

Face profiling provides an insightful and accurate reflection of the person’s true personality. Your face says so much about you, your personality and how you experience life.

Some of the benefits include:

* Identifying your strengths and how to promote them
* Identifying your challenges and how can you improve on them
* Recognising personality traits and behaviour styles fairly quickly
* Gaining insights into communication patterns of yourself and others
* Recognising areas of stress/trauma and the implications for your health