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To Leave or Not to Leave

3 signs it is time to look for a new job

Work hasn’t been your happy place for some time, Sunday nights are full of dread as you face another week of work, how do you know when it is time to be brave and step out of your comfort zone and start looking for that dream role?

1. Anxiety is your new best friend

You feel anxious just thinking about work.  Anxiety is the absolute pits, not only does it make you feel physically sick it plays games with your adrenal system and if this goes on for an extended period can lead to significant health issues.  Adrenal fatigue can play long term havoc with your body.  You may think that you can handle a little bit of ‘stress’ but the overproduction of cortisol, the stress hormone, can create health issues that slowly creep up on you.  Before you know it all kinds of ailments begin to surface.   An anxiety inducing job is a real soul destroyer so put that adrenaline to better use and run; run for the hills and a new job!

2. Your values are not aligned

When you first started, like all good relationships everything was rosy, you loved your job, your values and the organisation’s values were in harmony, you couldn’t wait to get into work and make a good impression.

Being happy at work is essential to living a truly meaningful life. 


Are you ready to make that your reality?

You were enthusiastic, engaged and excited to make a difference. But the honeymoon is well and truly over and now you are wondering whatever attracted you to this role in the first place. It’s like any relationship gone wrong – the death knell can be heard but are you listening? When values are no longer aligned its time to move on, of course you can choose to stay but that will only lead to prolonging of the inevitable.

3.You no longer respect your boss

Your boss or senior management have behaved so badly in your eyes that you no longer have any respect for them or the organisation.  Micromanagers are adept at making you lose respect for them.  Perhaps your boss has demonstrated narcissistic behaviour or has bullied you and your colleagues, or the politics have just become laughable, it’s like watching a group of squabbling seagulls fighting over the last chip.  Its time to pack your bags and get going because that sh*t never changes unless your boss leaves and in my experience no matter how long you wait they are not going anywhere.  In one job I waited almost 2 years for my boss to move along,  before I realised that he wasn’t going to miraculously leave.  For my sanity I knew I had no other choice than to take the leap myself.

As difficult as it is to make the decision to leave a toxic or unhealthy work environment and let’s face it we all need to work! Sometimes it’s not only brave but the best thing we can do for ourselves and our wellbeing is to find a new role; one in which you feel great at the end of each day, where you are recognised and rewarded for your value and input.

Being happy at work is essential to living a truly meaningful life.  Are you ready to make that your reality?

Not sure where to start head to or if you’d like to have a chat call 0412 903 015.

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