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Gee Tenn, is a business coach and mentor.  Gee completed a 2 hour session with Tristan Betts, Understanding your Clients Workshop.

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Lillian Olah

Thank youuuuu so much for our first Tapping session Tristan !!! You guided us through the easy but very effective introductory steps of tapping & …..the release of “anxious” thoughts was amazing! Definitely looking forward to exploring more with you.

~ Lillian Olah ~

Jo Hamilton

Thanks so much for a wonderful emotional release treatment!!!   It was just what I needed at the right time to clear emotional blocks and let go of stuff that just wasn’t serving me anymore. The face reading was spot on also… All done with a genuinely loving spirit. Highly recommend this!!

~ Jo Hamilton ~

Cath Dombroski

Was very curious about what I was in for. For me it was an eye opener as to me as a person. Definitely worth doing if you would like some insight on and how people see you. Thank you Tristan


~Cath Dombroski~

Jenni Molinari

I came to Inspired Energy when I needed my resume updated and interviewing skills improved, but with Tristan’s holistic approach, I got so much more. From the start of our session Tristan made it her mission to learn about me, what I wanted in the future, what I valued and what I could really offer. She had a way of really drawing out my successes and areas of achievement. She coached me with such passion and care and that left me feeling more confident and inspired. After taking on all her suggestions, my job hunting approach changed and I received interviews for every job I applied for thereafter! Within months I started two new part-time jobs, both of which I love. I can’t thank you enough Tristan. You are such a beautiful person with such talent. I will definitely be recommending my friends, family and colleagues to Inspired Energy!! I will also be signing up for other services you have to build on what you have already taught me about myself. Thanks again Tristan.

~ Jenni Molinari ~

Coreena Schwartz

Tristan is an amazing, caring, supportive and very knowledgeable professional who gives her all for her clients. She creates a nurturing and non-judgemental space where you can let go and truly find out who you are by uncovering and releasing deep issues (many of which you didn’t realise were affecting you so much) and strengthening your power to take charge of your visions in life.


~Coreena Schwartz~

Karna Dee Keats

I was amazed at how accurate my face reading was and appreciated the advice I was given to follow. Highly recommend you try will learn something from the experience.


~ Karna Dee Keats ~

Debbie Walker

Tristan has such a gift to assist with tapping your fears away. Only my first session but very inspiring. Truly looking forward to our next meeting to learn more helpful techniques to assist with stress and everyday life.


~ Debbie Walker~

Gillian Vickers

Thank you Inspired Energy for guiding me through the techniques of tapping. The tapping therapy kept me calm and balanced. I highly recommend people try tapping therapy with Tristan.


~Gillian Vickers~

Amy Woodley

Thank you Tristan for an amazing day today! Love spending it with like minded ladies and learning to love my face.


~Amy Woodley~

Sarah Bonnano

So, I had a face reading today…definitely not what I was so much more..thank you Tristan for helping me get myself in order and motivated…face reading really helps you accept your personality and be ok with who you are…I know..So much insight…get it done and see for yourself..Thanks again


~ Sarah Bonanno~

Amber Gavidi
Teacher at Autism Spectrum School

The staff that attended your ‘Understanding your Clients’ workshop all enjoyed it immensely! It was very insightful and made us all stop and think carefully about the people we know! The booklet you provided is a great reference and something that we can all look back on when trying to ‘read’ people.  This training could be helpful when liaising with parents and colleagues.  Your delivery was both interesting and engaging and we had a lot of fun analysing each other’s faces!  We look forward to working with you again in the future.


~Amber Gavidi~

Teacher at ASPECT School


Cassandra May

What an amazing day with Inspired Energy and the face reading workshop. A bunch of beautiful women I feel sad not to see again. If anyone gets the opportunity to be a part of this workshop, DO NOT PASS IT UP. You will not see yourself the same, in an amazing way.  You are more beautiful than you think you are.  If you don’t think so then be kind to yourself and contact Inspired Energy today.

~ Cassandra May ~

Kristin Sendall

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I had a face reading with Tristan and it was really interesting and exciting! Tristan was able to identify traits that I am working on improving (thank you for helping me explore those further) and helped me realise some qualities about myself that I don’t really give myself enough credit for (also I don’t dislike my nose as much now after our talk). I found the whole experience to be enlightening and will look at my face a bit differently from now on. Thank you, Tristan, for the great insights! I would definitely be interested in doing this again in the future.

~ Kristin Sendall ~