​Women's Retreat

​Face Your Beauty

This one day program is designed as an opportunity for women to understand and appreciate the authentic beauty of their face. Our face is so much more than looks; it is an entry point to the soul.

Would you love to know more about the beauty of your face whilst taking time to reconnect with yourself and make connection with other women? Your face is unique and tells a beautiful story of your life and your experiences.

It's a day of discovery and delving deep into our beliefs around our face. You will learn what your face shows to others and how to interpret the beauty of your face shape and each feature and the associated personality traits.

The retreat encourages the collective wisdom of the group though sharing and interactive activities throughout the day; providing interesting and informative learning opportunities. It is a safe, warm and completely empowering environment.

​Business Circles

Creating Connecting & Sharing

​As women we work in our own special way. Our Business circle recognises the unique challenges for women forging their way ahead in business. Utilising the collective experience of the group you will find it to be innovative, collaborative and invigorating. Meeting like-minded women to encourage and support you in your business endeavours


Thank you Tristan for an amazing day today!

Love spending it with like minded ladies and learning to love my face.

​Amy Woodley

​Career ​Workshops

Providing a range of services including, career and transition coaching; in addition to workshops on team development, client understanding and connection.

Understanding Clients

Team Building Workshops

Career Transition

Wellness Sessions

Our Groups, are quoted on an individual basis.  Contact Inspired Energy  to discuss your requirements today.

I personally have had a face reading by the beautiful Tristan. Not only did she conduct herself in the most professional manner, her deliverance and accuracy was second to none. Her energy overruled her presence in the most divine way. Tristan's acute knowledge was outstanding. I was so impressed that I invited Tristan to present at one of my classes and she overwhelmed me with her talents I highly recommend the experience as you will not be disappointed.

Janine Louise Medium

What an amazing day with Inspired Energy and the face reading workshop. A bunch of beautiful women I feel sad not to see again.

If anyone gets the opportunity to be a part of this workshop, DO NOT PASS IT UP. You will not see yourself the same, in an amazing way.

You are more beautiful than you think you are.

If you don't think so then be kind to yourself and contact Inspired Energy today.

Cassandra May

Thank you Inspired Energy for guiding me through the techniques of tapping. The tapping therapy kept me calm and balanced. I highly recommend people try tapping therapy with Tristan.

Gillian Vickers

Tristan has such a gift to assist with tapping your fears away. Only my first session but very inspiring. Truly looking forward to our next meeting to learn more helpful techniques to assist with stress and everyday life.

Debbie Walker
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