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Inspired Energy is a boutique consultancy service focusing on communication and connection in the workplace and wellness of the individual. 

Based on over 20 years of Corporate HR experience and unique body language skills, our services cater towards individual needs and take pride in assisting people to realise their worth and potential.

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Creating Authentic Connections ~ A Day Retreat

Photo Cred: Milan Popovic

Saturday 3rd August 2019

It is impossible to imagine not being connected with family, friends and colleagues in our current digitally driven, technology focused world.  Yet are we truly connected?  Even though we may feel more connected through our phones and devices, we are becoming less adept at connecting with ourselves and each other on a personal or soul level. 

In this one day retreat we will learn how to reconnect with ourselves and others by learning some unique body language skills in the form of face mapping.  Face mapping provides you with the ability to read and interpret the features of your own face and of those you meet, it will give you insights into how people think, feel and take action.  This is a fun interactive workshop designed to help you reconnect with yourself and to learn new skills to create more authentic connections with others.


150 MacArthur Drive, Wilton NSW 2571


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