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Inspired Energy is a career consultancy service focusing on communication and connection in the workplace and wellness of the individual. 

Based on over 25 years of corporate HR experience and unique body language skills, our services cater towards individual needs and take pride in assisting people to realise their worth and potential.

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Navigating Challenges at Work ~ A One Day Retreat ~

Photo Cred: Niklas Veenhuis

Sunday 13th September 2020

Work is such a significant part of our lives.  We are there for the majority of our waking hours, and sadly, it does not always bring us joy.   When we feel this way it can often seem overwhelming and may impact life outside of work, in particular our relationships with family, friends and our general well-being.

In this day program we will explore the different types of work challenges and how we can overcome or navigate our way out of feeling suck, sad or lethargic.  

We will explore some anxiety reduction techniques such as tapping, also known as EFT and meditation.

So if work is overwhelming for you right now, come along share your story in a safe space and learn some new skills to help you find a new outlook on your working life journey.

Arrival time is between 8:30 and 9:00 am on Sunday morning.  Lunch will be provided.

Places are limited so book now 🙂


150 MacArthur Drive, Wilton NSW 2571


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